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Camel Toes Ho's / PimpRoll
Blond Bimbo's Thong Wedged Up Inside Her Dirty Slit!
Blond Bimbo's Thong Wedged Up Inside Her Dirty Slit! (2 min 40 sec)

This blond slut is looking to drop her drawers and show off her pussy! After changing into a more revealing thong and greasing up her ass, she gets her slippery slit tongued and teased. Without taking off her panties, this whore gets her cunt fucked while her titties jiggle! And she absolutely loves the taste of her own creamy pussy all over this stiff prick, so she sucks his meat until he's ready to stuff it back inside her, leaving her a sweet and nasty cream pie!
Slutty Slit Gets Greased and Pounded! 
Slutty Slit Gets Greased and Pounded! (2 min 40 sec)

This slut has some nice titties, but that's not what these boys are looking for-they want to see some pussy, and more specifically, they want some thong wedged up inside her cunt lips! After outfitting her with the appropriate attire, this slut gets her ass and her pussy lubed up and fucked hard! With her pussy thoroughly pounded and plundered, this bitch is ready for a big whopping glob of goop all over her face!
Tight Pussy, Tight Panties, Hard Fuck! 
Tight Pussy, Tight Panties, Hard Fuck! (2 min 40 sec)

She might start off in a pair of overalls, but this ho-bag ends up wearing almost nothing after she loses everything but a pair of tight-fitting, pussy-clinging polka-dot panties that are wedged so far up her cunt, she's got a beautiful little toe showing! What this nasty whore loves is to get her pussy licked while her tight thong is stuffed up inside her, and once she's fully turned on, she can't wait to swallow a hard cock and get her hot hole pounded into submission!
Petite Black Haired Amateur Does Her First Cameltoe Fuck Shoot
Petite Black Haired Amateur Does Her First Cameltoe Fuck Shoot (2 min 40 sec)

This black haired chick is the type of chick that you always wanted to take home after a wild party. She might seem like she's a sweet and innocent type of chick, but this 21 year old is as horny as they come. While she's not too familiar with cameltoes, she quickly learns the beauty of them when she puts on a super tight, little thong that gives her the perfect cameltoe. She pushes the pantie string off to the side, climbing on top of this lucky guy and working her pussy down on his stiff dick.
18 Year Old Hottie Sports a Juicy Cameltoe That Gets Drilled
18 Year Old Hottie Sports a Juicy Cameltoe That Gets Drilled (2 min 40 sec)

Tiffany Summers is a hot as hell 18 year old brunette that is all about getting fucked. She sports a lovely rack with nipples already rock hard. She seems rather insistent on getting screwed as soon as possible, so they are more than happy to oblige her demands. First she has to show off her denim cameltoe, moving on to pulling up her leopard print panties all the way up her cooch. Her ass gets slicked down with oil, making it nice and wet to get fingered. It's rare to see a pussy as nice and tight as Tiffany's, but this is one of those slits you just have to see to believe. It feels just as good as it looks, getting it fucked from every angle. She ends out this hot cameltoe porno by pulling her panties over her cum covered pussy.
Sweet 20 Year Old Amateur Wants to Be in Porn
Sweet 20 Year Old Amateur Wants to Be in Porn (2 min 40 sec)

Vanessa comes on to the scene to answer a porno ad. This brunette chick is here for her first time on film, and she seems rather giggly about the whole process. She pulls her white cotton panties tight against her slit, letting her pussy show through the thin material. Switches off to an ultra cute red thong after showing off her natural amateur tits. Her pussy gets licked through the cameltoe she gives herself, and judging by the noises she's making it's a new experience for her. They move her panties aside just enough to push his cock in deep, fucking her while she's still sporting an impressive cameltoe.
Slender 18 year-old Blonde Gets Railed
Slender 18 year-old Blonde Gets Railed (2 min 40 sec)

Allow me to introduce Michelle the meat stick. Why is it that the skinny petite girls have the plumpest pussies? This cutie from Alabama showed up with a fat camel toe that we could see bulging from her cotton panties. My “boy” Dave Pounder pulled Michelle’s panties so far up her pussy that her eye balls almost popped out of her head. Dave said she had a really deep pussy and she sucked a good dick. After we oiled up her ass Dave bent her over the sofa and fucked the shit out of that dirty little cameltoe toe.
19 Year old Cameltoe Hottie in Lingerie Gets Her Pussy Filled
19 Year old Cameltoe Hottie in Lingerie Gets Her Pussy Filled (2 min 40 sec)

Christina is one of those sassy and sweet 19 year olds you always wanted to get a piece of. She's wearing a super tight corset that pushes up her cleavage while she talks about the last porno DVD in. I'm digging her Daisy Dukes, as it shows off a perfect denim cameltoe. Brunette teen Christina takes off her daisy dukes to show off some sweet panties that she pulls up to frame her slit. They give her a pair of sweet thong panties for the ultimate cameltoe. While she insisted that there was no way she was going to do anything but nude modeling, once they got her ass and pussy lips oiled down she was all about some wild fucking.
Adorable Amateur Loves to Show off Her Yummy Cameltoe 
Adorable Amateur Loves to Show off Her Yummy Cameltoe (2 min 40 sec)

Karebear is a spunky amateur that really enjoys getting paid to fuck. She makes no bones about that, with the kind of fun loving personality that will make her the life of the party anywhere that she goes. She pulls on the see through blue panties that they hand over, pulling them up tight against her pussy for a tight cameltoe. Of course, when you look at pussy that damn hot, you can't help but want to fuck the hell out of it. Her ass and cameltoe gets oiled down before it gets pumped full of hot man meat.
Sexy 28 Year Old Cali Girl Shows off Big Cleavage and Juicy PussySexy 28 Year Old Cali Girl Shows off Big Cleavage and Juicy Pussy (2 min 40 sec)

This chick might be one of the older lot of amateurs, but that just means that she's far more open minded and knowledgeable than your normal amateur. She works as an adult model for a living, but this is possibly the first time she's been asked to sport a cameltoe for the camera. I can't help but stare at her giant natural tits for awhile. They aren't a fan of her granny panties, so they swap it out for a sweet and sexy thong to give herself a sweet cameltoe. She gets fucked with those panties on, as she nearly gets attacked by a cock after she shows off what she thinks a juicy cameltoe is.
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