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Fake Hospital / Really UseFul Cash
(1 min 40 sec)

At first, Lea needed a bit of convincing that my taxi was actually real, but I managed to get her in the back seat and off we went. 19 year old Lea explained that she was barely out of school and needed some extra cash. I offered her a free ride if she gave me something in return. Lea climbed into the front seat and sucked my cock as I drove. I just had to pull over and fuck her tight little pussy.
(1 min 53 sec)

Sam came to me looking for a way into the porn business. She'd recently been stung by a so called 'porno agent' in Budapest who promised her the world. Well, sorry darling... I'm a fake agent too. You ain't going to get an ounce of work from this interview. The only thing Sam got out of this was a damn good fuck. Well, what can I say about Sam, beautiful girl, great natural tits, slim body and a willingness to try anything. I mean anything. Dirty girl. By dirty, I mean anal. Boy could she take my cock in her arse with ease. It just glided in like a streamline jet fighter. I'll never forget the mind bending blowjob she gave me, wow, she could suck a tennis ball through a racket! What a fuck. All in all, a good interview. Well for me anyhow. Cheers Sam.
(1 min 52 sec)

Before I say anything else.... Chantelle has the tightest (and I must say cutest) arsehole I have ever gotten my thick shaft into to-date. Oh my God, it was heaven in there. Though it did take a bit of persuading. And by persuading I do mean money. Not that she'll ever see it though. Anyway, Chantelle came to me for catwalk modelling! She's about 5ft fucking 3 inches. Catwalk my arse. She's cute an all, with nice perky tits, a great little body and did I mention her arse? Well sweetheart, there's no catwalk modelling for you here, just the ride of your life. Chantelle, thanks for the tightest anal I've probably ever had.
(1 min 52 sec)

First off, Anna started by telling me a few porky pies (that's lies), she told me she was 28. 28 my arse! She then confessed to being 34. They say women don't lie. I'm supposed to be the only liar round here. Anyway, about Anna, she came to me for lingerie modelling and as I said to her, models aren't mutton dressed as lamb I'm afraid. Blunt, I know. But, I had to bring her expectations down a peg or two as she is the perfect MILF, and I let her know that! I must say being a MILF, the experience in the fucking department shone through. She really knew how to self masturbate, suck cock and what a dirty little mouth. I stuck my cock right down her throat and bruised her lung, she took it like a champ. What an awesome gag reflex. Anna, your a dirty northern MILF. You'll go far if you ever meet a real agent!
(2 min 36 sec)

When she walked into my office and I saw those little "pokies" peeking through her vest my heart started pumping, adrenaline flowing through me thinking about having her naked on my examination table. She moaned of a bad back, but seemed to have no trouble bending over for me. Her ass was a peach, her pussy wet, I caught the scent of her 19-year-old musk and it made me instantly hard. I knew I needed to pump my cum inside her, and she let the doctor oblige.
(2 min 37 sec)

This married girl of 24-years had a nice exotic, smokey look. She said her and the husband were trying to get pregnant for the last six months, perhaps he didn't have enough spunk. She made some story about having flu but I was quick to ensure I'd get to examine her vagina. Once she had her jeans and panties around her knees I could feel her warming to me. A little gentle coaxing and she was letting me in and getting nice and wet. It all came to an awkward end.
(2 min 40 sec)

When this young bubble of joy pranced in I got an adrenaline rush to the kidneys, butterflies in the stomach! She a was lovely, 22-year old model, interesting in knowing more about getting a tattoo removed. First I checked her out. Such soft brown skin, such a beautiful pert ass. I let her know how expensive the laser surgery was before offering her a deal. The cheeky smile told me she was game, so I asked for a kiss and took a lot, lot more.
(2 min 32 sec)

I believe is the expression is 'dizzy blonde'. This one made me very happy, her vagina was so snug I could not stop my balls from bursting inside her. Not before she squirted all over me though. She was a party girl, I could tell, so I tended to her wounds and gave her a lot of tender loving care. Maybe too much because it was hard to get her out of my office after a couple of orgasms, what is wrong with men these days.
(2 min 36 sec)

Her coat came off and I saw what she was hiding under that tight dress, instant hard-on. Her problem...birth control pills had made her breasts sensitive and swollen. It was my lucky day. I almost lost it once I got a close view of those tits, I was momentarily lots for words. I had her laying down while I gently stroked her nips, she was starting to get into it before my nurse rudely interrupted us. But my nurse is good, she masturbates to the thought of me fucking these girls, I've seen her on the security videos. Once I got inside this lustful young woman I accidentally came a bit too soon, I wanted to leave her with weak-kneed satisfaction so I pressed her g-spot and she squirted for the first time.
(2 min 34 sec)

A 36-year-old woman was fooling around in the toilets with her husband. I watched them on the hidden toilet camera. After a while I interrupted them and asked her to come into my office, I fancied a whirl on that hot sloppy MILF pussy. She complained of a bad knee so I decided some physio therapy was the way forward. Once I had her in her panties I spread her legs and started touching her in suggestive ways, she liked it. Thinking of her husband made her wet, he must be a cuckold. I was nervous he would come to look for her so I locked the door and fucked her. It was debauchery, she was dirty, I loved it. I had my cock in her ass and her tongue up mine. I had to hold my hand over her mouth so she didn't scream too loud during her orgasm. In the end we quickly and quietly got dressed in nervous, uncomfortable last moments. We both know we will never see each other again.
(2 min 37 sec)

This young college coed was trying to get registered at a new clinic after moving from the countryside to attend university in the city. She must have liked the look of my private practice because I am cheap! It was a perfect opportunity to give her a general check-up and get to see how far I could go with my "examination." Even if I just got to see those little natural young college girl titty buds I'd have been happy, but I got to see her shaved mound, got to slide my cock into her warm wetness, and even ended up shooting a load inside her.
(2 min 29 sec)

This patient brought it all out in me. First I started to confess that I, a professional doctor, smoked. Then I fucked-up the blood pressure machine because I was nervous. My heart was beating faster than my balls were swelling, she made my palms sweat. I touched her leg to see how she would react. The adrenaline was carrying me through it. She giggled and started to let me take control, so I let my hands do the talking. By the end of my examination she was naked, sweating, and her pussy wet and dripping from the cum I shot inside her. Who's next?
Milk Enema / Fame Dollars
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