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Footjob Addict / Fetish Wealth
(2 min 18 sec)

Not too many people realize how determined a cheerleader can be for the sake of her team. School spirit has no limits. Roxanne Rae's football team got mutilated their last game. If they lose one more, they won't be a contender for the playoffs. Roxanne believes in her team but needs some insurance. She finds the quarterback of her school's rival team and demands he throws the next game. Of course he refuses. Roxanne is a cheerleader who gets what she wants, using her foot job skills if she has to. She pushes him down and rubs on his crotch, pulling his dick out. She's quite disappointed with what she finds. She's used to quarterbacks with big cocks. This definitely makes her job easier. She needs him erect so she strips of her cheerleading uniform, which does the trick. Roxanne has the sexiest feet on her squad, bearing cute long toes, experienced in jerking off a guy to completion. But she can't help telling him how she feels. She tells him what a juice head he is, how embarrassed he should be of his pathetic cock. This guy must like it because he cums in no time. He better throw the game. He definitely doesn't want another visit from Roxanne.
(2 min 15 sec)

The life of a housewife can be very stressful. The countless reality TV shows is proof enough. Scarlett Rose, the hottest housewife on the block, needs a helping hand around the house. Her husband does nothing to help. He's either working or playing golf. So Scarlett wants to hire a houseman. Her ad attracted a lot of applicants, filling her week with interview after interview. So far, she hasn't found a guy for the position. We're wondering why. To help in her mission, we sat in on one of her interviews. The guy sits down and she explains she needs a guy to handle everything: yard work, vacuuming, dishes, plumbing, etc. All easy enough. Yet, there is one more task her houseboy must do, actually the most important of all the chores. We're thinking something dreadful. She expects her houseboy to worship her feet. Oh, and to lend his cock for a foot job. She loves the feel of hard dick between her arches and toes, of course leading to a big wad of cum. That's the best part. We forgot to mention. Giving a foot job during the interview is mandatory. She needs to see if the guy is capable enough. It's important to see if he can tear her pantyhose right, tight enough grip around her ankles, cock big enough to stroke between her feet, and give enough cum to smear all over her soles. Let's see if this guy gets hired.
(2 min 10 sec)

Having a foot slave around the house is quite great for any hot babe with a foot job fetish. Natalie Heart has one of her own. She gets horny all the time so he's a busy guy. We were able to stop by and watch what she makes her foot boy do. She calls him over and tells him to worship her feet with his mouth and hands, making him gag on her toes. She loves it when he sucks on her toes and heels. When she starts rubbing his crotch, it's time to pull out the dick and let her work it. Whenever she does, she always starts things off with a pair of silky shiny pantyhose, smoothing it up and down his shaft. She allows her slave to get aggressive and tear her pantyhose for a easier glide. She loves lying on her back and feet in the air for her slave to fuck them. It almost feels like she's being fucked in her pussy. She's ready for a load of hot cum on her feet. It does wonders for her skin. It's the best way to keep her feet soft and sexy.
(1 min 48 sec)

A devoted fan to Foot Job Addict reached out to us with a video idea. It was so good, we decided to make it happen for him. He wanted to see Supergirl give Superman a foot job, of course dressed in her superhero attire and a hot pair of pantyhose. To play Supergirl we instantly thought of the sexy Nickey Huntsman. She loves playing crazy characters. We also decided to give it a bratty girl spin. Supergirl is tired of Superman giving her assignments to Robin. She wants to go out and save the day too. He's worried she might get hurt or cause even more trouble. She does have a temper, which is obvious in this clip. She demands he gives her more missions and stop being so protective. She can take care of herself. He'll think about it, which isn't the answer she was looking for. She's going to change his mind one way or another. Giving a superhero foot job usually does the trick. She removes his clothes with her superpowers and grips his dick with her strong and tempting feet, jacking him into submission. Slowly undressing, revealing her delicious body, definitely keeps him down. She continues stroking his cock with ease. Who knew it was so easy to keep Superman down? Well, Supergirl did have a trick up her sleeve. She was able to find a bottle of kryptonite lube. That will definitely keep him Superman docile. Supergirl, we need you!
(2 min 4 sec)

What can we say about the best boss in the world, the sexy Shelby Paige? She's hot, smart, witty, appreciative. Quite appreciative, which you'll learn watching this Foot Job Addict clip. Most offices still give Employee of the Month awards to deserving workers, including Shelby. Instead of giving a trophy or a gift card, she gives a foot job. You heard right. Whenever she announces Employee of the Month, they can expect the best foot job they'll ever get. No wonder why the guys are working so hard. She calls the lucky guy into her office and gets to work. She lies him down and pulls off his pants. She's glad to see his cock is already hard. Wouldn't you be with such a hot boss ready to stroke your dick with her sexy petite feet? Guess what. She's wearing a pair of silky tight pantyhose just for the occasion. She wraps her smooth feet around his cock and strokes it slowly, enjoying the feel of a stiff piece of meat between her arches. She loves rubbing them between her toes, ripping her pantyhose to give a barefoot rub. She wants his cum so bad. She wants it all over her face, hoping he has a big load waiting for her. So she jerks his cock faster, pumping for the hot steamy wad. Will she get what she wants? You have to watch.
(2 min 5 sec)

Ezmie Lee is the best student in class...until today. She received the grade for the mid-term exam last week. A big D on the page isn't the best visual for Ezmie, infuriating her instantly. How dare the professor give her such a grade? Doesn't he know who she is? This hottie gets exactly what she wants, no matter what it takes. She confronts him after class, demanding he changes the grade. Of course he refuses. There's no way she's going to let this go. She grabs him by the sweater and pulls him onto the couch of the teacher's lounge. Each article of clothing she takes off for him is a letter grade. But to earn her A+, she gladly pulls out his dick and wraps her sexy feet around his shaft. She noticed his wandering eyes land on her high heels, especially when she's wearing open toed shoes. Lucky for him, she's wearing her favorite pair of tight shiny pantyhose, soft to the touch. She taunts him with her perfect round ass, letting him spank it as she works his dick between her curvaceous arches, tickling his balls with her cute wiggly toes. We're wondering if she usually does this to earn her straight A's. It's definitely the best way to get what she wants.
(2 min 0 sec)

The local maid service keeps getting requests for the sultry and sexy Roxanne Ray. They don't know why, but they send her wherever she is needed. Luckily for you, we know exactly why guys specifically ask for her. You have to understand Roxanne attracts admirers everywhere she goes. Men can't help but fall in love with her and her feet. She does wear the best pantyhose and high heels to work in. Her current client walks in on her cleaning, taking the time to spark a conversation, his eyes peeking down at her feet. She's definitely noticed him staring. Whatever she can do please her client is her goal, even if it doesn't involve cooking and cleaning. She wants him to kick back and relax as she pulls his pants down. He really does like her feet. She lets her heels that he's so fond of fall off her petite and sexy nylon-ed feet. He loves the feel of feet in a pair of silky smooth pantyhose against his cock. She's come across a few guys that like the same, giving her the practice to give one hell of a foot job. She's pretty sure he'll like watching her rip her pantyhose, not only by her feet, but by her dripping tight pussy, massaging her tasty clit as she strokes his cock with her curvy arches. When she's done with him, she has some more cleaning to do.
(1 min 48 sec)

The world of psychology is always under great scrutiny. When entering into the domain of sexual issues, things can get fun. Doctor Sydney Cross, possibly the hottest therapist around, specializes in such cases. Her methods are on the experimental side, yet are appropriate to some of the problems her patients come in with. For example, her new patient is not attracted to pussy. He's heterosexual by nature...well, so he says. A straight man not into pussy seems like the denial stage of a closeted gay guy. There is hope, though. Even though he doesn't like vagina, a pair of hot feet on a sexy woman gets him excited. If this demented guy wants to get married and all that jazz, he needs to knock this phobia. Luckily, he's in the hands of Doctor Cross. In this case, positive association is in order. She slowly slips of her tall high heels, letting them dangle on her suckable toes before they hit the floor. She lets him worship the heels of her feet, up to her curvy arches, shoving her wiggly toes down his throat. Is this a session, or the start of a hot foot job addict clip? She does eventually wrap her feet around his cock, ripping her pantyhose for a better foot job glide, and rubbing on her wet tight pussy in his face. If a pussy can feel like the grip and stroke of sexy slender feet, this guy should walk out completely cured. Yet, he's made a few more appointments. He now has to get rid of his addiction to Sydney's feet. Warning: That is a possible side effect.
(1 min 53 sec)

A fan of Foot Job Addict, and most likely an addict of foot jobs, reached out to us and asked if we'd bring his fantasy to life. We enjoyed his idea so much, we were more than happy to fulfill his request. Picture it: You're taking a nap during the day, dreaming of countless sexy feet in pantyhose rubbing all over your body. The maid, the hot blonde bomb shell Chloe Foster, enters the room and sees you in such a vulnerable position. She basically can do whatever she wants to you. Instead of something vicious and dangerous, she slowly climbs onto the futon and rubs on your crotch, waking you up from your dream. Seems like it's been answered. She pulls down your pants, happy to see you so excited and stiff-cocked. She dangles her tall high heels off, smoothing her hands over her silky tight pantyhose. She doesn't want to jerk you off, or fuck you. She wants to wrap her nylon-ed feet around your hard-on, stroking it while she plays with her tight wet, and quite tasty, pussy. Chloe wants your cum on her feet instead of a tip. She loves to clean cum of her slender sexy feet caused by one of her masterful foot jobs. She sure is dedicated to her job. Too bad all maids don't really do such things. But, you never know.
(1 min 38 sec)

If you want to serve the sexy and controlling Alice March, you better prepare for countless foot jobs whenever she wants. She loves wrapping her nylon-ed feet around a huge throbbing cock. She never gives a foot job without wearing tight silky pantyhose. She likes to tease her slave with a few foot slaps to the face, pressing them against his throat. The sound of choking excites her, especially if caused by her temptuous feet. The only way she can continue is if her sub toy keeps his dick hard and cums on command. Watching her stroke a cock with her arches is quite a sight. It will definitely make your prick envious. If you make it farther than that with her, she'll let you grasp onto her ankles and pound her feet. She loves watching a guy get worked up, impatiently waiting for him to drop his load onto her nylons. A foot job like this will definitely get the job done. If you like to fast forward through videos, the end of this foot job addict clip will make you cum in an instance. All you have to do is press play.
(2 min 13 sec)

Every girl that comes across a pervert that is addicted to sexy feet wonders why. Is it the heels of their feet that drive them crazy? It must be their wiggly toes, all ten shoved in his mouth, that keeps him coming? Of course, there is the arches he loves to make out with. The flirtatious and domineering Mae Olsen simply can't fathom why her sub boy kneels at her feet every session they have, but it does bring her plenty of joy watching him submit to them. She prefers to have him on all fours, shoving her petite feet in and out of this mouth, slapping him around a bit. What foot femdom doesn't like seeing a slave on his back, giving her the freedom to dip her foot in his mouth, rubbing his hard cock with the other. She likes dressing her slaves in pantyhose, ripping the crotch to wrap her glorious feet around his dick, giving him a masterful foot job. She can't resist slapping his balls with her cute toes. The only reason to give a guy a foot job is the end result. She loves the feel of hot cum on her feet, dripping between her toes, spreading it around and having a taste. Mae is always looking for foot addicts.
(1 min 33 sec)

Year after year, girl scouts go door to door, using their cute faces to unload boxes of those delicious cookies we all do enjoy. But with all the choices at the grocery store, the troops are having a hard time selling their cookies. Hard times call for drastic measures. Jade, surprisingly way too hot to be a girl scout, knocks at the door, pouring charm and flirtation all over her potential customer. What persuades the guy to buy some of her product is the foot job that comes along with a few bought boxes. What guy with an addiction to feet could resist? He invites her in and assumes a comfortable position to where she can reach his cock with her gorgeous feet. This hard working and determined girl scout wants to please. She lubes up his cock and grips it between her feet, gliding them from his balls right up to his throbbing head. Her pantyhose definitely helps keep this guy rock hard. We're not sure if she did it for her customer or because she was hot, but watching her pull of her uniform is quite a sight. She wouldn't have to give foot jobs to sell cookies. We're thinking she does it for fun.
(1 min 55 sec)

Majority of our foot job clips are of foot job addicted perverts luckily landing themselves in cock stroking situations. In this particular video, the foot job addict is the enticing Layla Lopez. Her current sub toy is quite grateful. She orders him to lie down, climbing on top of him. Seeing her sexy long legs in her tight silky smooth pantyhose has us hooked already. She orders her slave to take off her high heels and take a big whiff, inhaling the wonderful scent of her hardworking feet. She pulls down his pants, not surprised to see this guy is hard as a rock. She massages his boner with her temptuous toes, tickling his balls, making his cock throb and flinch. This foot job addict beauty wants her feet drenched in cum, ripping her nylons to glide them up and down his dick. A wad of spit definitely helps her endeavors, driving her sub boy crazy enough to get what she wants. He's made quite a mess, worthy of another session when fully re-cooperated. He better get ready quick. Layla has a big appetite for cock between her suckable feet.
(2 min 2 sec)

Doctor Ashton Pierce, the leading psychologist curing sexual perversions, has built a prosperous practice, attracting patients will all sorts of problems. She believes the hands-on approach is best. Of course, you've come to see a Foot Job Addict clip, so feet-on approach. Ashton's new patient was sent by his girlfriend because he has a problem with feet. Don't worry, we're thinking the exact same thing you are. What guy in their right mind would ever dislike feet? We're hoping the sexy and curvy Doctor Pierce can help this guy. She makes him lie down on her sofa, slowly slipping off her dress. If the sight of this buxom woman in tight silky pantyhose doesn't make you explode all over yourself, watching her work definitely will. She taunts him with her delicate feet, dropping them on his face, shoving them in his mouth, tugging on his stiff cock. She tears apart her nylons, exposing her naked feet, arousing her patient even more. Her methods sure do work fast. There's still time for a foot job, which Ashton is experienced in giving, making him shoot all over her feet. You have to watch what she does with her cum smeared soles.
(1 min 46 sec)

The sexy hot babe we have in this foot job addict clip is a girlfriend we can all appreciate. Instead of teasing and seducing her boyfriend, Violet Sky gets right to the point. She can have him any way she wants, since she doesn't take no for an answer. Outside the bedroom, she definitely takes him places his ex-girlfriends can't even dream about. If things are so hot usually, we can't help but wonder what she'll give him for his birthday. She actually made some vanilla plans for the evening. Yet, before they go and dance the night away, she does want to give him a special treat. This foot job addict notices her sexy silky tight pantyhose, accentuating her long toned legs. He can't resist the neon green polish on her toes, which have been in his mouth plenty of times. He wants to see them around his cock. He loves the feel of nylon sliding against his throbbing shaft, which Violet does so well, earning the title of foot job Queen in his pants. Since it's his birthday, she wants to make sure he shoots every drop of cum nestled in his ball sack. The best way is to grip his cock with both feet and stroke for it.
(2 min 19 sec)

We get a lot of emails fans who love our content, yet can't fully enjoy it because they have a fear of feet. We're thinking they don't feel adequate enough for the hot babes we find experienced in making guys blow with just their feet. Luckily for them, and possibly you, we have a sexy therapist, the amazing Violet Sky, who specializes in said phobia. If you need more convincing of her abilities, you must watch this clip. She lies her current patient down, making sure he's comfortable. The first step in dealing with one's podophobia is marveling at sexy pair of high heels. Doctor Sky dangles her's in her patients face. She notices a stirring in his pants. Seems like it works. She lets her heels drop, flashing her green polished toes in his face. Step two is direct oral contact with her entire foot, heel to toe nails, of course covered in sexy tight pantyhose, the perfect distraction. Her third step leads her feet into his pants around his hard cock. Her methods work fast. She has to make sure it sticks, the reason why she must stroke his cock between her perfectly molded arches. Violet has him so turned on, he rips her pantyhose to get a clear view of her helpful feet. It definitely makes it easier to give him an effective foot job. If all this isn't proof enough of her remedy, watch this guy successfully make it through step four. Hint: It involves Violet's sizzling hot feet and squirts of cum.
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