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Naughty Stepdaugther Katie St. IvesNaughty Stepdaugther Katie St. Ives (2 min 46 sec)

Some stepdaughters are truly irresistible as Herschel Savage is finding out. His new stepdaughter Katie St. Ives is 18 years old and hell bent on seducing him. No red blooded man is going to be able to resist her fine, firm ass, great titties, or pussy that is so tight that it's going to make you almost pass out trying to get your dick inside her. She wiggles that booty on the couch, almost daring him to go and take a look at her sweet pussy. Before long he is slamming his big dick up that cunt, making her love every minute of it.
Tags: Ass Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore, Fingering
Egad! Bad Step-Dad! Blond Teagan Gets Fucked!Egad! Bad Step-Dad! Blond Teagan Gets Fucked! (2 min 46 sec)

Completely oblivious to the fact that his nubile, blond stepdaughter, Teagan is watching him jack off to late-night spank-o-vision, Will calls a truce and pleads with her not to alert her mother. They end up sharing a heart-to-heart about how Will likes having his ass licked. Teagan strips off her tiny outfit of socks, shorts and a cotton top before Will realizes what the fuck is happening! Next thing you know, she's down slurping down on Will's cock hammer, remarking at its sheer size and girth against her tiny mouth! Turns out, everything is petite about this bitch when Will rips off her panties and tries to fit his manhood in her teen pussy. Once he squeezes it in, she lets out a gasp, let's face it, his prick is now probably somewhere left of her navel she's so tight and small! Watch this cute blond vixen take a cock to the hilt and keep on begging for more!
Tags: Ass Rimming, Blowjobs, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore
Anal-Licking Punk Rock Bitch Gets Her Slit Filled!Anal-Licking Punk Rock Bitch Gets Her Slit Filled! (2 min 46 sec)

Christian's brand new ride, an Aston Martin Vantage, has got his petite, goth step-daughter, Misha, drooling over it. She's willing to do ANYTHING to ride in this 5-star carriage! She shoves her nice, full titties in his face and playfully lays a hand on his crotch. At once, they rush inside and start stripping in heated lust! Misha gets her first taste of raw man hide when she shoves her young tongue into uncharted territory. She can't believe she's finally living out her anal-licking fantasy, the ones she always wrote about in her diary!!! Fat prick in hand, Christian authors the next slutty chapter in her life by drilling that pretty, shaved pussy!
Tags: Ass Rimming, Blowjobs, Cum Swallowing, Anal Licking, Hardcore
Blond Tiny-Tittied Spinner Kelly Klass Eats Ass!Blond Tiny-Tittied Spinner Kelly Klass Eats Ass! (1 min 22 sec)

Naughty hottie, Kelly Klass has just been caught red-handed for surfing on Talon's computer. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but it's the ass-licking subject matter that's got her step-dad, Talon really interested. Kelly strips within a matter of seconds, showing off her cute, perky tits and chewable, little ass. Soon, they're both feasting on each others' cheerios with pure reckless abandon! She even gives him the 'ol rusty trombone treatment! Now, he's just GOT to FUCK that sweet ass! Bouncing off his cock like a bonafide sex machine, Kelly makes him pop all over her cherubic face.
Tags: Ass Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Anal Licking, Hardcore
Enter Sasha Yung: Ass-Munching Asian Sensation!Enter Sasha Yung: Ass-Munching Asian Sensation! (2 min 46 sec)

Petite, Asian firecracker, Sasha Yung just can't for the life of her stop thinking about her step-dad's toned butt! If given the chance, Sasha would gladly polish Lee Stone's crack STAT! She jots all her private ass-licking fantasies down on her laptop and all is well, until Lee reads it! Before he can protest, Sasha snuggles up against him and that's about all the asian persuasion Lee or any other red-blooded male needs. Soon enough, Sasha's teen tongue is buried in Lee's ass, licking gleefully. Once he starts pumping that tiny pussy with his outrageously long cockus erectus, Sasha, the lovable ass-muncher, screams and moans like a whore overdue!
Tags: Ass Rimming, Blowjobs, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore
Exotic Darling Arial Rose Tosses Her First Salad!Exotic Darling Arial Rose Tosses Her First Salad! (2 min 47 sec)

You're not going to find a mixed Asian darling nearly as cute, petite and naughty as Arial Rose. This wicked little teenie confides to her step-dad, Billy, her insatiable love for licking man-ass! He quickly and slyly suggests that they engage in a bit of salad tossing experimentation! After making a promise not to spill the beans to her mom, he peels off her pink panties and treats her young asshole like an endless teen bunghole buffet! After creaming herself on the couch, she sweetly asks, "Are you going to lick my pussy too?" Trust me, he goes way beyond the call of duty and stuffs his fat cock right in her super-tight twat!
Tags: Ass Rimming, Blowjobs, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore
Danica Dillan Naughty Step DaughterDanica Dillan Naughty Step Daughter (2 min 46 sec)

If there's one perk to marrying a chick with a hot 18 year old step daughter, it's the fact that sometimes you get to have your cake and eat it too. Danica Dillan is a luscious 18 year old brunette who ends up riding her step father's dick, Dick Delaware. This cock hungry whore doesn't care how fucked up it is that she's going after that big dong, she just knows it's the largest cock she's ever seen and she wants it right there and then. Before long her pussy is getting completely filled and drilled by Dick.
Tags: Ass Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore, Fingering
Stephanie Cane is Dirty StepdaughterStephanie Cane is Dirty Stepdaughter (2 min 47 sec)

This dirty stepdaughter is named Stephanie Cane and she's so fucked up that she wants to do everything she can to get with Billy Glide, her stepfather. This 18 year old even stoops to eating out his ass and rimming all around him so that she could slide that massive cock right up into her cooch. She is more than happy to feel that dick spread her out nice and wide, and before long she is taking every last inch. You can hear her moaning the entire time and you know that she's getting plenty of orgasms from this.
Tags: Ass Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore, Fingering
Perverted Stepdaughter Rims StepfatherPerverted Stepdaughter Rims Stepfather (2 min 46 sec)

If you've ever become the new stepfather to a hot ass 18 year old, you know how tempting it is to just tear that hot teen pussy up. Jenny Anderson is a teasing slut of a stepdaughter so it's even harder for Lee Stone to resist. Her sweet pussy is going to get slammed, pounded, and teased but first this perverted stepdaughter is going to seduce her stepfather by rimming his asshole. That's not exactly the kind of service you get from every chick, and it's damn hot when it's your stepdaughter. He takes it further and starts pounding away at her until she cums.
Tags: Ass Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore, Fingering
Blond Stepdaughter Turns into Total SlutBlond Stepdaughter Turns into Total Slut (2 min 47 sec)

When a girl knows that she can get whatever she wants as long as she flashes some titties and strokes some dick, she's going to make sure to do it on every guy that she can, even if that guy happens to be her step father. Jessie Andrews has thoroughly seduced her stepdad John Strong by pulling off her bra and showing off hot perky titties. She promises that she'll take good care of him and goes for a rimjob and a blowjob. That's a full service cock sucker if I've ever seen one, and that's even before she goes and fucks the hell out of him.
Tags: Ass Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore, Fingering
Taisa Banx is a Slutty StepdaughterTaisa Banx is a Slutty Stepdaughter (2 min 46 sec)

Stepdaughters can be tricky ground to tread, especially when the stepdaughter is as hot as Taisa Banx. She ends up seducing Pike Nelson and having some of the freakiest sex there is with him. Her long brown hair is splayed around her as she works her hips up, taking his cock harder and deeper inside of her. She wants more and more of his dick, although at the back of her mind she has got to be worrying about what will happen if her mom founds out. She doesn't care too much about that once they cum together, though.
Tags: Ass Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore, Fingering
Cali Rider Makes Her Step-Dad HappyCali Rider Makes Her Step-Dad Happy (2 min 46 sec)

Nubile brunette Cali Rider arrives home from school to find her step-father waiting in the backyard for her. He's angry because he hears that she's doing badly in school, so he goes through her backpack and discovers her diary. He's shocked by what he finds within, and she begs him not to tell her mother. He decides to go easy on her if she'll do something for him, so she's soon sucking his hard cock and licking his ass. He fucks her doggy style, and she rides his dick cowgirl. He pounds her missionary, before he finally gives her a messy facial.
Tags: Ass Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Anal Licking, Hardcore
Haley Cummings Licks Her Step-Dad's AssHaley Cummings Licks Her Step-Dad's Ass (2 min 46 sec)

Pretty young blonde, Haley Cummings, lays on the couch and draws dirty things in her diary when her step-father walks in on her. He snatches her diary from her and reads from it, shocked from her graphic sexual entries. He decides to punish her, and he's soon kissing her large tits before she drops to her knees to suck his hard cock. He eats her out before she gives him a rimjob, and she gets on all fours to get fucked doggy style. She rides his dick cowgirl, and he pounds her missionary before giving her a sloppy facial.
Tags: Ass Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Titty Fucking, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore, Fingering
Kelly Surfer Can't let Mom Find OutKelly Surfer Can't let Mom Find Out (2 min 46 sec)

Young Aussie blonde Kelly Surfer talks on the phone to her friend about walking in on her stepfather while he was in the shower. She watches him as he washes his naked body, and she strips down and tugs her panties aside to rub her wet pussy as she does. He catches her in the act, and she gets him over his initial shock by sucking his hard cock. She give shim a rimjob, and he eats her out before she rides him cowgirl. He fucks her doggy style, and she gets pounded missionary until he gives her a messy facial.
Tags: Ass Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore, Fingering
Tanner Mayes Fucks Her StepfatherTanner Mayes Fucks Her Stepfather (1 min 23 sec)

Nubile brunette cutie Tanner Mayes lays on her bed and reads from her diary while dressed in a skimpy outfit. She gets horny as she remembers her sexual exploits with her boyfriend, so she strips naked before going to take a shower. While she enjoys the hot water, her step-father enters her bedroom and finds her diary open on her bed. He's angry by what he reads.. but strangely aroused as well. And he decides to punish the little slut when she gets back in the bedroom. He makes her suck his cock and give him a rimjob, and he fucks her doggy style, missionary, and cowgirl before he finally gives her a facial.
Tags: Ass Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Oral Sex, Anal Licking, Hardcore, Fingering
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